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Lost – The Indiana Apocalypse: Book 1


What could be worse than coming to with no memory of your past?

Quinn Reynolds regains consciousness on a couch surrounded by four strange women. He wonders where he is, what he’s doing, and most importantly who he is. When he finds out the world is in its sixth year of darkness, his mind is totally blown.

The women range in age from 27 to 30. Two are sisters, the other two are their best friends. And they all somehow know him. How? he wonders. He doesn’t recognize a single one of them nor does he recognize his own name.

Bits and pieces are fed to him as time moves slowly forward. He’s from Terre Haute, but they’re not in Terre Haute any longer. They’re just south a Hymera, a small sleepy Indiana town. He’s known each of them since childhood, attended two of their weddings. He knew the sisters’ parents well, or so he’s told. But doubt clouds his foggy mind — why is he here?

Quinn is told they’re on a large farm run by a man named Tony Shaklin. A rich and powerful man, even in the apocalypse, with a nasty temper and four wives. He’s surprised when wife four turns out to be his sister, not that he remembers her at all.

Tensions escalate on the farm. No men are allowed in the women only area where Quinn is hidden. Three small crude wood-framed house make up the quarters for the women and their counterparts. They are the “hired” help for Shaklin’s place. Slaves, unable to leave, the women tell Quinn.

Things become desperate as the women are threatened by their boss. A dangerous man is in the area. A man who could ruin Shaklin’s “free help” arrangement. Security around the three homes is tightened. The man needs to be stopped. But Quinn shudders when he’s told the man’s name — it is his own.

They need to escape, the four and Quinn. The situation becomes a tinderbox, ready to explode at any moment. And in the last hour, he discovers the ugly truth of one of Shaklin’s wives — Three, as the women call her. Will he be able to leave and lead the four women to safety? Or will he stay too long and be discovered?



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