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WWIV – The Last Finders (Book 4)


Across the barren American landscape, the last of a breed wanders.

Searching through abandoned homes and businesses, these desperate souls seek their wares. Perhaps a gold broach, or a silver tea service, or something as small as a half bottle of gin will be found.

Happy with whatever they find, these people trade their discoveries for food and supplies. Sometimes they are given a meal and a safe place to sleep. In other places, they are chased away for being the scum of the Earth.

They are the last of their kind; the last people who truly live free lives in the post-apocalyptic world. They are finders.


A group of four finders makes their way into Wisconsin. Following the old Interstate system, they hope to make a big haul in a place they’ve heard holds vast treasure — Elk Mound, WI. From there they’ll trade their finds with a man in Eau Claire with a questionable reputation.

If all goes well, they’ll winter on the south shore of Lake Superior in a small community named Ashland. If things don’t go well, none of them will live long enough to see the next spring.

Book four (of the WWIV series) is set 16 years into The Darkness. A new cast of characters sucks you into their world and makes their lives your own.

Available Memorial Day of 2017.


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