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Seasons – A Year in the Apocalypse

Abigail Turner has a problem. Actually, she has many problems. Too many to consider.

The Darkness has consumed the world and not given up its grip for the past 22 years. Food, water, and supplies are hard to come by. Impossible now that her life has been turned upside down.

Her 15-year-old son is an indentured servant to a nearby rancher. More than a year remains on Walker’s contract. If he were home — where he belongs — things would be easier.

Her first husband was killed by a band of thieves. Her second left for a nearby town eight months ago to make vital trades and hasn’t returned. The worst of it is that he took their five-year-old daughter, Sasha, with him.

Left alone with just a feisty friend — Sunshine Jones — Abby struggles on a daily basis. Life would have been difficult enough in good times. But now, depending mostly on the kindness of neighbors, life is an hourly battle.

Depending on corn grown for the thorn-in-their-side — Rickard Hulton — Abby and Sunshine trudge through the seasons — Spring, then Summer, followed by Fall and Winter. Each season brings more troubles.

And each season ushers in diminished hope.

Hope that Brady and Sasha will return. Hope that Walker’s labor won’t be sold away for another year of food and supplies. Even the hope of living long enough to see another spring.


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