Defending No Where

Defending No Where
$2.99 (ebook)
Publication Year: 2016
ASIN: B01L12JN80
Feeling under attack, Bob Reiniger must take care of what is his: his people, his home, his life. Clyde Barster nearly made the past winter Bob's last. Now he will go after the man and his gang to exact his revenge.
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About the Book

Dizzy is dead, Lettie’s home burned to the ground; things are dire in No Where.

Jammed into Bob’s small cabin a new baby is born. A new life to go with his other new problems.

Clyde Barster must die. And Bob must do it. But his – his family now – beg him to wait.

Delayed over and over again, injured again, shot again, Bob finally goes after Barster. But in the end he discovers it was a fool’s errand…just like others had said.

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