Queen Ehmelia (Ehmelia of Bemin Book 3)

Queen Ehmelia (Ehmelia of Bemin Book 3)

Ehmelia fears for her husband's life. And her own, as well.

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Ehmelia’s story concludes.

With the Kingdom at war, and a missing King, Ehmelia finds herself in unfamiliar territory.

The people of Centerland expect her to lead. Her council looks to her for guidance. Even her great-aunt, the former Queen is little help to Ehmelia – now Queen of the Lakes.

A ransom is demanded for Jisoon’s safe return. Something that must be dealt with. But each time she dares to respond, Ehmelia finds herself one step behind her brother-in-law, Royert.

Finally, with the aid of her council, Ehmelia summons one of the generals from the northern army. Her strategy is simple; her forces greatly outnumber the fighters from the north. She will crush them if Jisoon is not returned.

Baret of the North calls her bluff, leaving Ehmelia one last chance for peace. If only she, a young girl who has been Queen for a very short time, can convince him she will rule with an iron fist perhaps he will return her husband.

Even Ehmelia isn’t sure she means what she says. So how can she sway an experienced leader to see things her way?

In the end, the choice is simple. Rather than giving into their demands, she – Ehmelia of Bemin, Queen of the Lakes – will rule alone…if she must.

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