Searching No Where

Searching No Where
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With his love taken while he chased Clyde Barster, Bob Reiniger needs to go and find her. He has to. Even if it means searching all of No Where and beyond.
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About the Book

Daisy is gone. Bob’s agonizes over his previous decisions. Violet agrees to help find the missing love of Bob’s life. If they even can.

Not knowing where to start, Bob and Violet begin at the Ironwood Fish Camp, some three days hike from No Where. And they continue to search more camps, hoping and praying they find Daisy. Or at least a clue to where she might have been taken.

In the end, chasing a lead from a remote camp, they run into more trouble than they can handle. It’s a disaster that may lead to someone’s demise.

Will Bob ever find Daisy? Will Violet and Bob survive their trip? Will anything change in the end, even with the last effort given?

Prepare yourself for the biggest surprise yet. A surprise that will shock Bob to his core. Even while he searches No Where.

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