Surviving No Where

Surviving No Where
$2.99 (ebook)
Publication Year: 2016
Having lived through his first winter of the apocalypse, Bob Reiniger wonders if he will survive another year alone.
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About the Book

“If I keep getting shot, how will I ever survive?”

Bob Reiniger realizes he’s never getting home; not back to his old home at least. No Where is home for now…and maybe forever.

Surviving his first winter alone, his life moves forward. All around him are signs of the apocalypse. Though here in northern Michigan, those signs are the absence of everything that formerly existed: Workings cars, computers, cell phones, decent people.

New friends join old (Lettie, Dizzy, Marge, Violet, and Nate). New enemies arrive and steal what they can. Illness creeps in at the worst possible time, forcing Bob to strike out to make a deal with people he doesn’t trust.

And in the end, at the lowest point of his life, tragedy strikes and Bob must find the will to Survive…here in No Where. His Home!

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