The Little Queen (Ehmelia of Bemin Book One)

The Little Queen (Ehmelia of Bemin Book One)

Can a 13-year-old girl save The Lakes Kingdom?

It's been 432 years since the old world ended. And though the calendar (in our time) might read 2450, in reality, it looks more like the 1600s. Brought from a small village in northern part of The Lakes Kingdom, young Ehmelia discovers a whole new world in Centerland, the Capital. She has been summoned and offered the betrothal of her third cousin, Jisoon - the King in Waiting. One day, that means, Ehmelia could be Queen. However, all is not as it appears at first. Jisoon is older than the 13-year-old Ehmelia thought he would be. And while he's handsome and somewhat regal, he's not very nice to her. Then there are the servants and her guards that watch her every step and anticipate her every need. She thought it would be exciting to have this kind of attention. What she finds is that she feels smothered. And there is talk of war. A war between the north and the south of the Lakes Kingdom. Worst of all, it is hoped that Ehmelia's presence and betrothal will prevent this war. By becoming The Little Queen, Ehmelia of Bemin has been placed in the center of a conflict she could have never imagined. Readers young and old alike will enjoy this three book series set in the future (looking like older times) and watching as Ehmelia grows into her role as The Little Queen.
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About the Book

Readers young and old alike will enjoy Ehmelia’s coming of age story.

Set in a future that looks like the distant past, Ehmelia finds her new surroundings exciting – and a little scary. All is not as she hoped it would be.

Worst of all is her newly betrothed King in Waiting, Jisoon. He’s older than she, doesn’t seem to like her and makes a sport of hurting her feelings.

Ehmelia would love to return to her former life. That, though, is impossible. Once betrothed to the king in Waiting, the only way for the bond to be broken is by death.

Follow Ehmelia’s adventure as she meets new friends and strange people. And in the end, hopefully, she finds herself – The Little Queen.

Book one of three.

Publication Year: 2017
eBook Price: $1.99
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