WWIV – Darkness Descends (The Shorts: Book 1)

WWIV – Darkness Descends (The Shorts: Book 1)
99¢ (ebook)
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: 151469123X
Where were you when the darkness arrived? Everyone, yes - everyone - in the world met the same fate. Some had daylight, or twilight. Others found the darkness snuck in during their sleep. No matter how it found you, it's here to stay...perhaps forever.
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About the Book

Seven short stories from around the world – just before and just after the darkness arrives. From LA to North Korea, an eastern nuclear plant to the Black Hills of South Dakota, Madison, WI to Moscow, and The Netherlands to the White House (bonus chapter).

Each story depicts the same event from different and particular points of view. Each group of people as unprepared as the next.

Whatever happened, happened. And the reality of the new world they each must exist within is sobering.

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