About the Author

Writing in the genres of dystopian and post-apocalyptic, e a lake is an Amazon best-selling author. Currently he is working on his WWIV series; seven planned books all about what happens when the world as we know it simply disappears. Each book deals with the same darkened world, and a different location and cast of characters for each book.

The author hails originally from southern Wisconsin, where he spent his youth and approximately first 25 years. Since then, he and his wife have lived in various locations throughout the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Currently they reside just east of downtown St. Paul.

Using limited profanity and leaving out graphic details, lake provides his readers with the proper dystopian tone throughout his novels. “I may leave out gory details,” he states, “but your mind will fill in the blanks.”

In the works, after the completion of this series, lake will turn to true dystopia. The setting will be a much changed America. Tentative titles such as The Smith Chronicles, and, Carrington: 2085 will be arriving on the Amazon shelf by Christmas 2016.