Work in Progress

Coming – 2017:

Carrington: 2084

The year is 2084. Our world has changed – greatly! Our country – The United States of America – has changed – greatly. Even sleepy little Carrington, North Dakota has changed – greatly!

Forty-some years prior, unforeseen nuclear attacks struck both coasts decimating the country’s government. Also lost was the citizen’s faith in their ultimate safety. The country, now a rudderless ship listing in an unknown world, fractures in two.

The Eastern States Alliance has all the strength, as well as most of the population and factories. The Republic of WestMercia fights its own rebels, teetering precariously on the brink of failure.

Citizens and innocent lives are caught in the center of the unpopular conflict. The government’s solution is predictable, almost Orwellian: The population must be monitored, controlled, and all problems eliminated. At any cost.

People die, innocent people; somehow they are always linked to the rebels. The WestMerican government will be victorious in this internal conflict – no matter the cost. The rebellion must be crushed. Period!

Returning to his dystopian roots, author e a lake introduces you to a world no one would ever want to be a part of. Yet everyone can imagine it happening…even someday soon, perhaps.


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