WWIV – Darkness’s Children (The Shorts: Book 2)

WWIV – Darkness’s Children (The Shorts: Book 2)
99¢ (ebook)
Publication Year: 2016
When the world we know disappears, what will happen to our most precious resource? What will happen to our children if we never come home? How will they survive without our protection? What will their lives become? Seven short stories lay out the views of one author. Seven stories that will make you seek out your children, hug them, hold them, take in their scent.
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About the Book

When The Darkness comes, logic tells us that our children will be vulnerable. But what about a year in, or two, or even eight years after our world (as we know it) ends? They will no longer vulnerable…they will, in most cases, be all alone.

Parents may never come home. Some day a child will awaken and truly be by themselves, on their own. They will have no other choice but to turn to others for help. There will be no social services, the church will be a distant memory, and yet these amazing little ones will somehow find a way to survive.

All around our modern world there are examples of what become of children when war, or floods, or hurricanes take away all that they have and hold onto. Stories abound from WWII where countless orphans, speaking many different languages were rounded up and shoved in some distant orphanage together. And still, they survived.

So how will the children living in The Darkness fare? These seven short stories give one person’s view of what the future will hold for our most precious commodity.

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